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Santa Fe Day Trips

Start your adventure beyond the fascinating streets of Santa Fe. Explore the beautiful landscapes and cultural wonders that are just a short drive away. See ancient Pueblo ruins and awe-inspiring natural spectacles. These day trips will enhance your Santa Fe journey with new experiences and exciting discoveries. Come along as we delve into some unforgettable day trip destinations, all within reach from the heart of New Mexico.


Just an hour’s drive from Santa Fe you will find the awe-inspiring Bandelier National Monument. Step back in time as you walk through ancient Pueblo cliff dwellings nestled among cotton woods. You will find well-preserved petroglyphs as you traverse the scenic trails, where you will envision the vibrant existence of the ancestral Pueblo people who once thrived in this remarkable canyon location.

Taos Pueblo

Head North to Taos, and the Taos Pueblo, an esteemed UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of America’s oldest continuously inhabited communities. You will be in awe of the multi-story adobe dwellings, which have sheltered the Taos Pueblo people for over a millennium and now is approximately 1000 years old. Take a to and immerse yourself in the rich history of the Native American culture. Stop in and explore some of the traditional crafts, have some Indian Fry Bread and bask in the ancient history of this extraordinary pueblo.


Ghost Ranch

Set off on an expedition through the inspirational landscapes of Georgia O’Keeffe at Ghost Ranch, a picturesque sanctuary nestled amid the orange sandstone cliffs of northern New Mexico. Follow this iconic artist’s path as you hike the striking mesas and vibrant canyons that are often the subjects of her artistic vision. Take the opportunity to join in the O’Keeffe Landscape Tour, learning about the interplay of art and nature in these captivating surroundings.

Madrid (Pronounced MAD-rid)

Experience the eclectic charm of Madrid, a quirky artist’s enclave just a short drive south of Santa Fe. Walk along the historic Turquoise Trail, lined with colorful galleries, eclectic shops, and vibrant street art. Indulge in local cuisine at charming cafes, browse unique handmade treasures, and soak up the bohemian atmosphere of this spirited mining town turned creative hub. Madrid was a key location in the movie Wild Hogs.

Pecos National Historical Park

Just a short drive east of Santa Fe, you will find the Pecos National Historical Park which offers a fascinating glimpse into the region’s Native American and Spanish colonial history, which you will learn much about on our Walking Tour. Explore the ruins of a 17th-century pueblo village, visit a Spanish mission church, and hike scenic trails through the picturesque Pecos Valley.

Old church ruins at Pecos National Historical Park
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Close to the heart of Santa Fe lies a wealth of experiences for every traveler. From exploring ancient ruins to immersing yourself in artistic havens, these day trips provide a glimpse into the rich tapestry of landscapes, cultures, and history surrounding Santa Fe, New Mexico. Whether you are looking for adventure, seek inspiration, or yearn for a deeper connection to the land, these unforgettable excursions guarantee to imprint a lasting memory on your Santa Fe journey.