Are tours handicap accessible? Santa Fe is an old city, but most stops are accessible. If a location on a tour is not accessible it will be noted in the highlight section of each tour.

What about the weather? Santa Fe has amazing weather, with an average of 300+ sunny days per year. The Spring can be windy but beautiful. Summers are lovely and the Fall is my favorite season. During the Spring, Summer & Fall weather can change quickly, sunshine in the morning and a spectacular thunder storm in the afternoon. Showers are usually brief, so just be prepared with an unbrella. Tours during these 3 seasons will go on as scheduled under most circumstances. If we feel for some reason that the weather is going to be overly extreme, we will cancel and you will be refunded 100%.

The winter however can be a little different. People don’t often realize that we are at 7000 feet, we do get snow and it does get cold. If it is snowing and accumulating, we will cancel the tour and you will be refunded 100%. Conditions can be icey and we don’t want anyone to slip and get injured. If we are just talking about the cold, we will all bundle up and go explore. If it is extremely cold as in less than 35 degrees or the wind chill is even less, we will cancel then too. Again you will be refunded 100%.

What to bring. Because of the altitude and dry air, altitude sickness and/or dehydration can be a real problem. Staying well hydrated is helpful in both situations, bring water. Be sure you have something to eat is important before and maybe carry some sort of bar or snack with you. Just want everyone to feel good so that your tour will be enjoyable.

You might want to wear a hat, maybe an umbrella in case of unsceduled showers.

Disclaimer: Some locations like the Cathedral are an actual working place of worship. On occassion the doors are closed to the public due to events which are beyond our control like weddings and funerals. In that case you will still still learn about the history and you can return later in the day or sometime during your stay in Santa Fe to take a look inside.